Karratha Storm

I flew to Karratha this morning and there has been some nice cloud action Happening due to cyclone Carlos. Karratha also had a mini storm come through today which caused some havoc in town.

I am now confined to camp until the cyclone passes which is a bit annoying but as they say “safety First”

This is a 14 image stitch of the storm this afternoon.


~ by Cleggy on February 21, 2011.

8 Responses to “Karratha Storm”

  1. that is a cool sky Cleggy!

  2. That’s pretty cool Ben. I miss being up Karratha in the summer for this reason. Are you working in Karratha?

  3. Great shot – looks like the end of the world is coming.

  4. Ben, what an absolutely brilliant photo! WOW!!!!! We have been up here in Karratha for 25 years and this is the absolute best Ive seen! Ben, do you sell you photos? I saw one at a local shop but it was no way as good as yours, not even close! 🙂 You are an awesome photographer 🙂 I hope my daughter looks at your site and takes some lessons from it as she is a beginner but has talent and I am not just saying that, she just needs to attend courses and have advice! Well done and CONGRADULATIONS BEN! 🙂 Kind regards from Mallee n Catherine (Katie)

    • Wow what a great comment Catherine, thanks very much. Yes I do sell my photos there is a link on my blog to my web site. Thanks again.

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