YES! another one from Hearson’s Cove

I went down to Hearson’s last night knowing that the tide would be way out  and thinking I would get some nice reflections off the rocks and I wasn’t dissapointed.

Here are three shots taken as the sun went down. Hope you like……


~ by Cleggy on March 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “YES! another one from Hearson’s Cove”

  1. Very nice Ben, A funny landscape, as in it’s contour plays tricks on the eye with what is level. The reflections are pretty magic for sure! I think I like the light of the top image best, a couple of burnt highlights in the top right of frame on the distant decaying anvil (storm) to the SE (I presume) 🙂


    • You said it Tone, I have used the ruler a few times on these shots and I’m still not happy with the levels! The Top one is my fav as well.
      Correct again on the SE storm to mate.

  2. Yep I concur with the Toneman for sure Cleggy!

    The area has potential for sure, so I would keep my eye out for another evening or morning when the tides are the same and you have some cool clouds.

    Let me know when you get it mate!

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