A few more from the Burrup




















~ by Cleggy on March 16, 2011.

9 Responses to “A few more from the Burrup”

  1. You’re on a roll mate, I love these images. The 1st and 3rd images kind of look like they need a vignette to them to focus the attention more to the centre of the frame, but other than that they looks great.

  2. looks great Ben, my pick is the bottom image. I really like the track leading to the Burrup hills images. this is no exception.

    you’ve obviously been up this way a bit longer then me, but how freeking green is it!! haha. I just went for a weekend drive around Tom Price/Parabardoo for nothing but photography. coulda thought I was driving around Walpole lol

    • G’day Stephen, your right about the green i have never seen it this green an for it to last this long it is almost fluro green in some spots!!!

  3. Awesome work mate, I agree with Stephen above, I think my pick of the bunch is the bottom image with thetrack to draw your attention into the frame… bloody awesome work

  4. Ben, I’m disliking you a little right now!! I want to be up there! Nice work!

  5. Nice work Ben – I’m with the other guys and prefer the bottom image 🙂

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