Smiths, Winter River

Taken on Sat morning this is My favourite from the trip so far.

~ by Cleggy on September 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Smiths, Winter River”

  1. Hey Cleggy, nicely done. How you liking it since jumping over to the darkside with the D800? I’m hopefully getting my hands on a D4 next week before heading up north to shoot a motorbike race.
    Just one thing I reckon you should do, and that’s watermark your pics, as these are too good to not put your name on them, and protect your work from the frauds!
    Keep the good pics coming.

    • G’day Jamie,
      Good to hear from you again mate. I love it on the dark side mate especially with the D800e it’s made for landscapes!! There are obviously some interface differences to get used to but that aside I’m not looking back.
      Good luck with the D4 i hear it a bit of a weapon as well, and thanks for the advice on the water mark i’ll look into it.
      good luck up north.

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