Phase One IQ180 Tour 21.2.13 Day 1

To say I was excited was an understatement!!!

The night before I had been to TEAM DIGITAL to pick up the Phase One IQ 180 and the 645DF+ along with the 80mm Leaf, 150mm, and 28mm focal plane lenses which in 35mm camera terms is a 50mm, 90mm and 18mm (roughly).

I have to thank Trevor from Team Digital for all his help with the run down on the camera and on the Capture One software lesson.

I still had a lot of packing to do that night so i never really got to play with the Phase One once i got it home, and having to weeks with it i didn’t think would matter too much.

So with a 6:30 start i kissed the wife and kids goodbye and off I set for Esperance, it was very over cast that day and a lot of constant drizzle, I was looking left and right and every tree, fence, rock , line on the road was a potential photograph as i was itching to get some shots.

Attached are a few images of the drive from Perth to Esperance, the first two tree shots are near Ravensthorpe and the salt lake is lake King just north of Ravensthorpe

PH040 copy

PH021 copy   PH032 copy

I have to say that at this point i had only used the Phase One for around one hour and  with that nice big clear touch screen on the back it felt like i had used it for months, it was that easy to use!

Anyway after a nine hour drive and several stops on the way i made it to Esperance, but with Cape le Grande camping grounds full i had my first spanner in the works….

more of day one to follow………

~ by Cleggy on March 9, 2013.

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