Day 2 Friday 22/2/13 Phase One IQ180 Tour

With massive drive the day before and a night spend with my jaw hitting the key board after viewing the Phase One IQ180 files i woke up at 3:40am!  I was still very exited and after a nice hot brew i set off for Lucky bay at Cape Le Grande National Park.

I already had a spot in mind, a place called potato rock (I Think?) once you get to lucky bay you can drive along the beach until you reach the end then walk around 100m and you there.

At first glance there wasn’t too much happening in the sky except for a storm cloud way of towards the west which at the time i didn’t think would eventuate too much, how wrong i was!! The cloud raced in and in no time it had broken up at the same time the sun was coming up which resulted in a great looking rainbow.

I was running around like a friggin mad man at this stage trying to get the “best angle”  you have to remember this was my first sunrise with my new found love!! hahahaha. Anyway got a few hundred shots from here then moved onto Thistle Cove (my personal Fav) then onto Cape le Grande beach.

That was going to be the story for the rest of the day! Stormy sky’s, rainbows, 35  degrees and not much wind.

The first image is a 3 image stitch with the 28mm which measures in at 16844 x 6833 pixels at 300 dpi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the other rainbow image is of Thistle Cove

The star fish i found next to my car after the shoot while i was having my wheatbix and coffee

The image that looks like something out of War of the Worlds is from Cape le Grande Beach.

And the last image was taken from the end of lucky bay beach just after i had found the star fish. (taken from the phone)

well that was the morning! more of the afternoon to follow………..




PH001flattened copy

PH044 copy


PH033 copy








~ by Cleggy on March 14, 2013.

4 Responses to “Day 2 Friday 22/2/13 Phase One IQ180 Tour”

  1. Stunning photos Cleggy, well done yet again , the entire rainbow one looks otherworldly.
    I cant wait to visit this beautiful part of the country, you should start approaching the travel magazines to sell your images mate, youve sold me!

  2. Really grouse photos Cleggy, very impressive. I suppose your next move up from the Phase will be the 5D Mk III?

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