Phase One Tour Day 2 continued (22/2/13)

After the morning spent out at Cape Le Grande I decided to head into town to stock up on supplies and see if i could get a few shots from the great beaches around town.

I wasn’t disappointed with a few nice shots from observation point. After that i headed back out to Cape Le Grande and took on Frenchman’s Peak, I think it said it was a 3 hour climb but i didn’t have time for that as sunset was fast approaching so i was up and down within an hour and twenty.

I finally decided on a sunset shoot at Hellfire bay, as the cloud thickened and rain looked a 100% chance I had a small break on the horizon and got some nice light .

PH014 copy

This Image was taken looking toward Observation Point just off Twilight Beach Road.

28mm, F14, Iso 35

PH051 copy

This Image was taken from the same spot as the one above only 20min later.

80mm, F14, ISO35

PH050 copy

This is a 4 image stitch taken from Frenchman’s Peak using the 28mm lens, F14 ISO35

The amazing thing about this image that i did not use any filters or multiple exposures!!

The dynamic Range on this camera is insane.

PH052 copy

Two image stitch from Hellfire Bay and doesn’t it live up too the name!

28mm, F12, ISO35, 3sec exposure. as soon as i had taken this shot a huge sheet of lightning spread across the sky!!! so i was taking shot after shot 25 in all and not once didi i get a lightning shot.!! Dam!

Day 3 Adventures to come…

~ by Cleggy on March 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Phase One Tour Day 2 continued (22/2/13)”

  1. I’m very impressed with latest images Ben – well done mate! How’d you score the lend of a Phase body???

    • G’day Ricardo,
      I’m glad you like them mate. I won two weeks with it by winning the golden shopping trolly award run by Team Digital. hopefully they have the same prize this year.
      thanks again for the comment.

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