Phase One Tour Day 3 23/2/13

I Slept in the car at Hellfire bay car park and boy did it rain all night even had a lot of lightning and thunder but with the rain as heavy as it was I had no chance of getting any lightning shots.

Anyway I drove around to Thistle Cove to see if I could get a nice sunrise shoot but had no luck there as it was very grey and dull I then headed for Frenchman’s Peak and for about a minute I got an amazing light show

as you can see by the two images below. both 2 image stitches with the 28mm lens. while running around like a mad man I ended up putting a stick into my big toe but soldiered on and got the shots.

Still cant believe that I could pull detail out of the shadows while shooting directly at the sun with no filters!!!!!!! What a camera!

PH035 copy

PH026 copy

After the morning shoot I headed out to the sand dunes just west of Esperance town and along the way stopped at a tree plantation. I have added a 100% crop of the shot with no sharpening so you can see the Phase at work below, This time taken with the 80mm

PH029 copy

PH029.100% copy

I got stuck down a sand dune and after taking a good 6 run up’s I finally got out of the sand dunes and headed to Bremer Bay  at a place called Reef Beach, boy did I scratch the shit out of the car along this track!!!!

A very bumpy 40 min drive later I made it to Reef beach with about an hour and a half before sunset which is lucky because it took me an hour to dig myself out of the beach after getting the old tyre pressure wrong!!! Idiot!

IMG_1336 copy

After the hour upper body work out I finally made it!!!  Here are a few shots from the sunset at Reef Beach

PH019 copy

Some clown had to walk on the dune!!  F14 ISO35 28mm 1.5sec.  You can see the sand mobile off to the right.

PH023 copy

F14 ISO35 80mm

PH025 copy

Same stats as above.

Day 4 to follow soon……


~ by Cleggy on March 25, 2013.

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