Wyadup Rocks

A few weeks ago I was down South and after a lot of rain during the day it started to clear up and looked promising for a nice sunset.

I took of to Wyadup Rocks and was not disappointed. After getting back I realised I had downloaded the photos into the wrong folder and lucky I did because I found this shot from Smiths Beach that I had been sitting on since June 2010!!

hope you like both shots.

DS288 copy

DS296 copy

~ by Cleggy on August 20, 2013.

6 Responses to “Wyadup Rocks”

  1. sensational photos, great colours

  2. Bloody beautiful Cleggy. Love the sunset.

  3. Cleggy! Truly stunning photos…you just keep inspiring 🙂

    You mentioned ‘kids’…how many in the tribe now?

    Phippsy 🙂

    • G’day Phippsy, thanks for the great comment mate.
      2 little Cleggs running around mate girl and boy 3 & 17 months. How are you mate? Where are you working now? How’s your photography going? Got a blog or just Facebook?
      Keep the comments coming!
      Catch ya

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