Down South

We started to move some of our gear down south on the weekend, thats right we are moving to Dunsborough!!!! my work has finished in Perth and the wife has a full time job lined up down south so time for a sea change.

Anyway here are a few shots from the weekend, as it was a moody weekend I went with a moody black and white theme.

DS329 copy











DS330 copy










DS289 copy










DS328 copy


~ by Cleggy on September 1, 2014.

7 Responses to “Down South”

  1. Love this image! The swirling sea and clouds are wonderful.

  2. Thanks very much Denise

  3. Gorgeous b&ws!

  4. Beautiful image and B&W processing. I looked at it large too! (Could you possibly tell me how to keep an image small when viewing it in the wordpress reader? My 500px wide images get enlarged in the reader and look blurry. Thanks.)

    • Hi Denise,
      I actually stuffed the size when i posted the B&W images but normally i would size the image to 1100 pixels on the longest side.
      Hope this helps Denise??

  5. Very nice Cleggy. Colleen loves the last one. The jetty going out into the water. I can see you’ll slide in down there quite easily. I’ll flick you an e mail when I get a chance.

    • Hi Tommy sorry about the late reply mate been busy with the move.
      You tell Colleen she has good taste, that one is my fav as well.
      Talk soon mate
      C ya

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